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Halicarnassus City

Bodrum - Turkey

Spreading gently down the Seven Hills and Seven Valleys to meet the warm Aegean, Halicarnasus City promises a place of rest and wonder. A sustainable development, built to last for generations, its design is tied to the Turkish land and people, evoking memories of civilisations past and present. Fanning out along the water’s edge and nestling between its tree-lined ridges are Seven Destinations and Seven Amenities, each offering different distractions to residents and guests alike. Centers of leisure, education and activity; each is a beacon for its chosen discipline. When combined together they form a development much greater than the simple sums of its parts. Glowing quietly in the dusk light, like a man-made asterism, they present a constellation of leisure destinations that will make this community the last word in luxurious modern living.


Taking its lead from the natural topography, the masterplan for Halicarnasus City transforms the low-lying hills into a network of neighbourhoods, linked by gently curving roads that wind their way around the contours. Centres of education, activity and entertainment fan out in all directions to create a diversity of experience that few resorts can match. Rising above them all, the noble silhouette of the hilltop Monument stands primed to become the development’s instant brand identity.


The Seven Hills and Seven Valleys of Halicarnasus City mean that almost every villa is blessed with uninterrupted vistas of the landscape slopes and gardens. Properties will be priced according to their location, with those boasting views out to sea or over the golfing and equestrian centers commanding a natural premium.


A seaside resort with so much to offer, the Town Center backs the wide fringe of pristine sand with lines of restaurants and retail to create a comprehensive experience. Brought to the edge of the Aegean, guests can enjoy its cooling waters within a short walk of their hotel rooms, or simply admire it from the freshwater comfort of the projecting pools and Jacuzzis. The piers and pontoons extend the boardwalk out into the waves, placing visitors amongst the flotillas of pleasure craft as the glide serenely back and forth.


As a cornerstone of civilisation, education forms an important component of the Halicarnasus City master plan. With a potential student population of around 3,000 upon completion, the university campus will offer a range of two or four-year diplomas validated by leading global institutions. Covering marine biology, business and hospitality, history and the arts, the development’s Aegean location, with its wealth of natural habitats and archaeological remains, will provide invaluable fieldwork for generations of students who come to study here.


Client: Agaoglu group


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