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Al Wady Gardens

Riyadh - Saudi Arabia



Lining the winding course of the Wadi Hanifa, Al Wady Gardens represents a noble renaissance in palatial Islamic design. Embracing a courtyard campus model, its communities of luxury villas are arranged as a continuous suite of outdoor rooms, each centred on a private quad that forms the focal point for family life. Each villa complex is woven into the wider pattern of parks, gardens, schools and mosques to create a sustainable residential district whose geometry is anchored in the nation’s artistic heritage. With its new centres for business, retail, sports and culture, Al Wady Gardens will transform some 1.4 million sq/m of Riyadh’s southeastern fringe, creating a luxurious city within a city.


Culture and Gardens


Combing education and recreation the verdant landscape of Al Wady Gardens records the intricate evolution of Arabian ornament through its winding paths and parterres. Applying pattern by order of complexity creates a visual hierarchy for public and private spaces, transforming gardens into galleries of the applied arts. Rising above them is the faceted form of the Grand Mosque, whose central crystal shard provides the primary axis for prayer. To the north a cluster of precious cultural venues command a rocky ridge, their formal terraced gardens cascading to the wadi floor. Its cultural trio of concert hall, library and 1,500-seat performance hall, are ably supported from beneath by an Academy of Visual and Performing Arts.



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