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Borabay Lakes Resort

Borabay, Kazakhstan

The diversity of Borabay Lakes Resort will restore Kazakhstan’s historic legacy as the heart of central Asia: the point where East meets West. A country of dramatic contrasts, its terrain is filled with mineral resources that underpin the nation’s wealth, but also provide the perfect natural canvas for a master-class in international resort design.


Chief amongst these natural riches, Lake Borabay lies like a jewel set in the Kazakh landscape. Encircled by the splendour of some of the finest mountain scenery in all of Asia, its clear beauty rivals the most renowned holiday resorts in the world today. The Swiss Alps, the Rocky Mountains, the Andes and the protected landscapes of the Adirondacks and Yellowstone National Park: these are benchmarks against which Borabay will be measured.


Designed to preserve and complement the intensity of its surroundings, Borabay Lakes is envisioned as a resort that truly identifies with its surroundings all year round. Come summer or winter it will offer a magnificent array of leisure and sporting pursuits, all the time setting new standards for hospitality and design.


Weaving through landscaped Forest Parks interspersed with grassy meadows, the intersecting lines of Borabay’s woodland trails connect a host of facilities in an arch that hugs the lake’s eastern shore.


As part of a new gaming strategy for the entire country, new world-class casinos of the Town Centre will bring adult entertainment to Kazakhstan. These hives of activity will in turn be served by the finest hotels, restaurants, leisure, and spa amenities in the region.

The Golf & Sport Centre will be an earthly paradise for sports enthusiast, whatever their discipline. While the two links golf courses test the most dedicated player, others guests will find their adrenalin rush from the many water sports the lake can offer, or perhaps loose themselves in the beauty of the forest on long mountain biking trails. Horses have played a pivotal role in Kazakhstan’s noble nomadic heritage and the Equestrian Gardens will offer the facilities to host grand equestrian programs and events for the great horse breeders of the world. The change of season brings a change of program; the resort becomes a centre of winter sports that will provide Olympic facilities for training, competition, and recreation.


With the emergence of this new nation has come the need for a presidential retreat that befits its status. The natural splendour of Borabay’s Camp Kazakh will form a fitting backdrop against which to conduct the affairs of state, with its International Diplomatic Centre welcoming delegations from across the globe to discuss and negotiate in security and comfort.


With its seemingly endless leisure pursuits encompassing ice and snow, land and water, Borabay Lakes will become an international symbol of Kazakhstan’s hospitality and a window through which the world may discover the beauty and heritage of this great land.


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