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Castle Quay

Jersey - British Isles

Restoring the connection between St Helier and the sea, Castle Quay will rejuvenate Jersey’s waterfront experience. The hydrodynamic forms of its three signature towers rise through a five-storey podium of boutique shops and restaurants, topped by waterside penthouses. Animated facades of fritted glass and local stone poetically echo the gossamer quality of racing yacht sails as they glide past the red granite cliffs. Its new art gallery, observatory, and landscaped gardens all complement the progressive programme of civic art that pervades the scheme. Restoring the promenade as a public right of way, Castle Quay will quickly become the most accessible, active, and iconic waterfront in the Channel Islands.


With more hours of sunlight than anywhere else in the British Isles, Jersey’s fine tradition of alfresco dining lends it a continental charm. Attentive to its guests’ needs, Castle Quay provides a seasonal procession of in- and outdoor spaces. Its deep dining terraces spill out onto a broad public promenade, where warm patterned pavers converge upon on an amphitheatre for street entertainment. As the winter winds whip in from the sea, guests will happily retreat to the snug chairs of the central Chart Room, with its ring of fine restaurants. Rolled out in relief above them, the warm timber maps of Jersey’s 12 parishes create a heightened sense of place.



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