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Currys Mountain Retreat

New South Wales - Australia

Flowing forth from the contoured hillside, the house on Curry’s Mountain rejoices in the pure geometry of its plan. Curve confronts line, as house enfronts hill, the sweep of its frontage containing the slope like a cofferdam. Behind the panoramic arc of the veranda, a lattice of timber roof beams divides this segment of a circle like chords, defining the grid of rooms beneath. Central, communal living spaces form the lynch pin between guest and private wings, their straight backs flanking a central sunken garden to offer shelter from the heat. Rising at the intersection of these two lines, a folding stair ascends a glass and timber tower, leading to the ‘eerie’ where the family can sit cooled by the prevailing breezes. Beneath them laps an outdoor pool, bordered by a promintary a a reading pavilion.


Client: Stuart Hornery

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