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Darling Park

Sydney - Australia

The entire ground plane of Darling Park is dedicated to free access for all the tenants, clients, visitors, and citizens of Sydney.

Nearly 100,000 square feet at the base of three towers have been converted into the largest corporately sponsored gallery in Australia. This expansive series of rooms includes restaurants, galleries, meeting rooms, lounges, reception areas, cappuccino bars, smoking balconies, vestibules, and concierge desks. These lobbies are managed as if they were part of the luxury hospitality industry, not the paranoid cynicism of the corporate world. Furnished with over 300 seats, this collection of rooms has set a new benchmark of the workplace. All of these rooms open to the Waratah Garden at the centre of the three tower composition.

Nearly an acre in size, six continental rooms, representing the six continents from which people emigrated to Australia, are connected by a geometry of paths and flower parterres of exotic Australian flora.

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