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Guy Davies

Guy Davies graduated from Coventry University in 1998, with honours in industrial
transport design. After briefly working in the design department of Safety Devices
Motorsport Specialists, Guy took a post as a CAD operator at architectural model makers, Kandor, developing an understanding of architecture through translating plans into three dimensions using increasingly sophisticated digital techniques.

Guy moved to CivicArts in March 2001 and has since been involved with nearly every project that has come into the office. His role is that of Studio Director, managing the in-house team that creates all CivicArts’ 3D studies and working closely with the architects to help them visualise and rapidly refine their designs. His scope extends to promotional material for each project, be it film or stills, and the creation of panoramic VR animations and stills for broadcast or display.

Guy also worked directly with founder, Eric Kuhne, creating animated visuals to illustrate his many international speaking engagements. In addition to presentations to client bodies and heads of state, Eric has given lectures at the invitation of TED Talks and the British Council, and the 3D studio’s output remains an important tool for articulating the CivicArts design philosophy.

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