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Lakeside Cairo


The largest mixed-use development in the Middle East, Lakeside’s 490,000 m2 of retail, leisure and hospitality are contained within a lyrical façade that marks a new evolution in applied ornament and eccentric massing. Ribbons of stone undulate in and out, before flicking back to expose deep glass reveals. Lantern-like atriums, pavilions and winter gardens are wrapped in enlarged Islamic patterns, whose lines of cut stone and fritted glass cast shadows with embedded meaning.


Inside, Lakeside’s curving malls are roofed with organic structures that translate the spreading forms of flower and stem into timber-vaulted ceilings filled with natural light. The different lotus, palm, papyrus and pomegranate forms help define the retail zones, easing navigation for the anticipated 45 million visitors per year.


Laying out the history of the Egyptian landscape, Lakeside’s lush gardens are as filled with meaning as the architecture they encircle. Inspired by the fluid calligraphy of Arabic script and the organic patterns of Cairo’s textiles, a sinuous waterway weaves the garden elements together to create a green and fertile cordon around the retail heart. The North West Garden combines both desert and oasis, while its neighbouring North Eastern neighbour derives its grid from ancient irrigation channels. The old Khedive’s passion for things Parisien is recalled within the patterned parterres of the South East Garden, creating chic surroundings for the flagship hotel. This landscaped timeline ends in an Anglo-Egyptian landscape, with meadows bordered by lush botanical plantations, inspired by the enduring gardens of Kitchener’s Island.


A day-out destination that weaves 5,000 years of history into its landscape and design, Lakeside will be a modern wonder of the retail world.



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