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Madinat Al Hareer

(City of silk)

Al-Subiyah - Kuwait


Inspired by the promise of a new civic lifestyle on the Arabian Gulf, the Madinat Al Hareer (City of Silk) brings all the environmental, commercial, cultural, leisure and civic aspirations to a new location in the Arab World.


Three hearts and a centrepiece — business, culture, leisure, surrounding a new National Park and Wildlife Reserve, all enfronting the Bay, River and Gulf. Connected to Kuwait City by a new Bay-Bridge, joining with the new Arabian Bay Port, and anticipating a new International Airport, this city is planned to accommodate nearly 700,000 people and create nearly 430,000 new jobs.


An emerald necklace of lakes and parks, like ribbons of silk, intertwine and weave each of the 25 neighbourhoods together into one cohesive city.

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