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Situated near the Arabian Gulf coast, south of Kuwait City, Mall of Kuwait is located in a complex of civic buildings in the wealthy southern neighbourhoods of Kuwait.

The building form takes its inspiration from Palace architecture and Arabic gardens and landscape. Three department stores anchor a diamond plan of four malls. A central atrium, the Grand Court, connects the malls as a meeting place for family and friends.

The mall interiors are covered by tall and elegant glass lanterns. These skylights hold decorative timber screens that create a dappled light on the stone floors during the day or a warm reflected light at night. The malls each tell a different story. The paving is artistically created to recall traditional carpets, sand dunes, stylised art deco sails, and a musical score.

The western gardens are the setting for more than thirty restaurants. The Oasis Garden is dedicated to family dining with outdoor garden rooms for groups of families to enjoy. The Water Gardens is built like a great garden courtyard with a formal parterre of fountains as a focal point for the fine dining.

A leisure complex and ten screen cinema provide entertainment when the shopping is finished. A 750 seat performance hall is the cultural anchor of the complex. Fully equipped with a fly tower and stage pit, travelling theatrical productions and musical perfomers will use this venue, which can also host corporate events like conferences, or trade events like fashion shows or product launches, and of course, blockbuster films premiers.

Mall of Kuwait is a destination for an entire day, with a rich range of activities for the social groups of the region.

Mall Of Kuwait

Kuwait City - Kuwait

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