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Manama Lagoon

Manama - Bahrain

Manama Lagoon celebrates the intricate ornamental beauty of Arabian gardens and the quality of life that they bring.


Centred upon a pentagonal harbour at the gateway to the capital, its 2,900 prestige apartments form a waterside community of secluded communal courtyards and verdant public parks. The waterfront’s array of bustling restaurants, retail, cafes and galleries create an inviting promenade for residents and guests. Embracing the exclusive marina, the two arms of residential and serviced apartments take their cues from the signature hotels that anchor the scheme, bringing their concierge culture to a wider audience. With a high-quality office component to complement the premium retail and leisure, Manama Lagoon is destined to become one of the most desirable addresses Bahrain.

The cultural riches of Manama Lagoon reflect those of the surrounding seas. Like the hard layers of nacre coating a speck grit, the fractured shards of the Pearl Museum’s shell wrap tightly around its opalescent glass core. Glazing in between its overlapping curves allows natural light to gently filter across all 5 floors, avoiding excessive solar gain. Marking the entrance to Manama Lagoon, the 45m-tall Lighthouse Beacon creates a delicate counterpoint to the museum’s mass. Made almost entirely from glass and lit from within, it exploits the depth and luminosity of this fluid material made solid. This ghostly spire will refract sunlight by day to leave its glass curtain walls awash with mother-of-pearl tones, only to morph into a solid pillar of light at night.



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