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Midway Gardens

Istanbul - Turkey

Architecture is an act of belief. We believe that the soul of a city is found in the heroic routine of everyday life: in the markets, neighbourhoods, playgrounds, and parks. We believe that the molecule of the family is the building block of civic society, across all continents, and all cultures. Wherever CivicArts builds, it creates schemes with a scale and sense of place that root them firmly in the culture of their hosts, reconnecting them with the lessons of their past.

Fusing the patterns of Turkish textiles and topography, the geometry of Midway Gardens creates a coherent masterplan of interrelated zones of activity that support each other’s needs. Striking a balance between public and private space, Midway offers a blueprint for successful symbiotic activity, bringing together entertainment and employment, offices and apartments, public parks and private gardens. The desire to enhance the quality of life is backed by sound commercial sense, creating an economic engine for sustained growth and prosperity that benefits both residents and guests.

Carefully conceived transport connections and an enviable array of retail, entertainment and leisure amenities will make this an accessible new city centre that engages with people of all ages. With its generous gardens, desirable addresses, easy working environment, enticing retail and exhilarating rides, Midway Gardens will offer all things the citizens of an ever-expanding Istanbul.

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