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The District

Abu Dhabi - UAE

Forging the vital commercial linkage between the glittering arts-based assets of Saadiyat Island, CivicArts’ proposals for the emerging Cultural District provides 2.9 million sq/ft of floor space to dedicate to retail, leisure, entertainment and dining.

Taking advantage of the island’s sloping topography the scheme creates an expansive retail podium that spans the change in levels with two tiers of high-end retail and restaurants. Layered above them is the entertainment offer, including cinemas, bowling alleys and food courts. The plan also offers a cutting edge west end theatre dedicated to the performing arts.

Crafting memorable approaches to the various signature buildings, the masterplan incorporates distinctive luxury retail streets that double as great civic spaces, including a grand water garden to mark the approach to Gehry’s new Guggenheim. This comprehensive integration of art and commerce will ensure Abu Dhabi’s status as an international tourist destination.


Client: Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC)

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