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Solihull - UK

Opened in September 2001, Touchwood doubles the amount of retail in the Town Centre of Solihull.

Combining entertainment, dining, 4 new gardens and 650,000 square feet of retailing, Touchwood slips into the urban fabric of Solihull with three new arcades. These arcades restore the intricacy of the English Arcade with contemporary shop sizes and depths.

Tied to the Library, Civic Theatre, and Town Hall Offices, Touchwood integrates the business of the town into the heart of one of the finest retail offers in the Midlands. Under a canopy of stainless steel beech leaves, the Parasol Room in front of John Lewis has become the meeting place for the high-end shoppers inTouchwood . Surrounded by timber lattice ordnance maps, the Map Room has a mural on the ceiling that depicts market towns in the United Kingdom.

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